Thursday, February 3, 2011

Office Floors

Big progress this week! After staring at plywood underfoot for a year and a half, we finally have a room fully floored! Since we are doing basalt tiles on the main floor and upstairs hallway and the stones are 1/2" thick, we had to add a thick subfloor to the rooms not tiled so we don't have floor height variances. 

Before, before floors in our office

Closet shelves I built

Other side of room, before

Jake and I screwing down subfloor

Subfloor glued and screwed

We love the natural look and sustainability of cork. It's floating with a simple lock-in installation. Subfloor + cork installation took us just a few hours. 

Lock in place 

Bryce's fancy cuts

More fancy cuts

Finished floor!

We coordinated our flooring with our puppies

Jake loves it

After the cork is installed, I sealed it with 2 layers of polyurethane to seal the seams.

Now for decoration I want to add some FLOR tiles as a rug under the desk and in front of the daybed I am currently working on.