Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first client! Kitchen for an architectural stone company

I landed my first interior design client! Rhodes is a high-end commercial architectural stone company in Seattle. They do grand stone installments like the new Ralph Lauren building in Greenwich, CT

My client's client, the Ralph Lauren building in Greenwich, CT.

Rhodes moved from Capitol Hill to Belltown this year. They selected a sparse space that needs loads of creativity to make it functional and appealing to high end clientele. 

First task, tackle the kitchen. The before kitchen is a very dark room with mauve counters and extra doors. They knocked out the mauve and sealed up one entryway.

Rhodes kitchen before shot - East and South walls.

Rhodes kitchen before shot - West and North walls.
The kitchen budget is lean, so we opted with IKEA cabinetry and appliances. Below is the visual layout of the proposed kitchen.
Proposed kitchen

East wall - the kitchen is only 5' 10" wide, so we kept this wall bare.

South wall with rough representation of the stainless quilted  backsplash (30x30") for the oven and glass bullet backsplash.

West wall - stainless apron front sink, dishwasher and an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulation counter with wheelchair access underneath it. The sink cabinet is open as well for ADA compliance. 

Spec sheet
 I am very excited to share photos of the after shots with the kitchen completed!