Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If anyone were wondering about some of the big time gaps in my blog posts, it's because we're cranking on projects. Fortunately, Bryce and I have been extra motivated lately and wrapped up some of the 45,283 projects going on simultaneously. 

Here's a good 90 percent-er: A floating workstation! 

Floating workstation

I have this obsession with not having things on the floor and with neat and tidy cords. So I made a workstation out of AC plywood, cut 3 cord holes at the back, and attached a box to the underneath that slides on drawer rails for the printer. Now cords aren't in the way on the desk, and the printer box is open in the back to neatly plug in under the desk. I can keep the printer tucked out of the way until I need to pull it out to open the scanner top. No printer stand to deal with when cleaning the floors, either.

Actually, this project is more like 94% complete. I just need to some moulding on the top and at the front to give it a more built-in finished look, and eventually wire up some light sconces to free up more work space. The fabric for the shades is from IKEA and I posted instructions AGES AGO. Super fast, I finished 2 in about 2 hours.

Built-in workstation with slide-out printer box
Some of my fave family photos
Office before shot

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