Monday, January 10, 2011

Master Shower 90% Completed

Like Edward waiting 90 years for Bella, you don't know how long I have waited for you, Shower! Of course, 90% complete, but not complaining!

Shower almost complete! The thick, low vertical lines on the back wall are where the supports for the bench will go.

Three shower heads. The tube hanging from the ceiling will be a rain shower head. The little white shower heads are temporary until we select the rain shower head. Obviously, we will need to pick lighting as well.

Hindsight advice:

  1. Don't tile straight lines. Walls are never plumb.
  2. Don't use small, individual tiles in a BIG shower.
  3. Don't grout a BIG SHOWER in one session, go in sections - Bryce spent 4 days blade-scraping too-quickly dried grout on 230 square feet of tile.
  4. If you have the luxury of building your shower from scratch, size the shower with a pre-fab pan in mind.
  5. If you must use the shower while it's in it's Red Guard phase, we suggest doing so after the house has heat.
During shot. We painted RedGard over Wonderboard and it was bulletproof to use before we tiled.

During shot. My bathroom looked like this for about 9 months.

Picking patterns. Although I LOVE our sleek modern look of straight lines, it  nearly killed Bryce tiling it.

We poured and shaped our own pan. Not recommended, but this is priceless.


Roger and Jennifer said...

That is SO beautiful! I really like the personal 'signature'.. Way to go kids!

Roger and Jennifer said...

That is SO great kids! Love it, and especially the 'signature'....