Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blog It Like It Is: Master Bedroom Update

Way back (in what, September?) I wrote about how I would get hung up on not having a project complete and then wouldn't blog about it. Well, I did it again. Bryce and I have been CRANKING on projects, all of which are of course only 90% complete. It's not that we start a ton of projects and just stop 10% to completion, it's that these projects are so time and labor intensive. We start the countertops in the guest bath, then the seal has to dry, so there are two able bodies, so we start on another project while we are waiting on the bathroom counters. Or Mother Nature steps in and we are out of power for a week and have to spend our valuable energy chainsawing the enormous logs in our backyard and then chopping them up and hauling them inside to stay warm. Hence! I haven't posted since September. Sigh.

Ninety percent used to still get you an A, but it really doesn't feel like that sometimes. So today I am forcing myself to stop painting, wiring and hauling to show our progress.

The master bedroom hasn't changed a ton, but it's finally starting to feel homey. Feeling not-so-feminine from so much woodworking and from not really having a proper bathroom to get ready in, I set up a temporary vanity. Bryce calls it my Beauty Station.

My temporary "Beauty Station" with a view

View of downtown from vanity

West Seattle

More West Seattle

Dolphin Point and up above, downtown
Not a bad view while I am setting rollers, huh?

Moving clockwise around the room, I have a few more updates:
  • Did final touch-ups on window sills - mud, primer and paint
  • Touched up original paint from mud splashes and bumps and dings
  • Made a headboard for temporary bedframe

Why, yes! Those are Gatorade jugs as end tables!

So, obviously, still a ton of work to go, but it's definitely an improvement from this time last year.

Master bedroom 2009.


International Tease said...

A gorgeous view! My former boss used to live in West Seattle, and I'm pretty sure she still misses it. I miss the West Coast, too. :)

Angie said...

Thank you! It IS gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest!