Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Room Almost Done!

It is with the most fantastic pleasure that I introduce you to our first room in the house that is nearly complete! I feel like should almost name her! She is just so beautiful!

Kitchen nearly complete!

Now, let me remind you how we have been living in the kitchen since Thanksgiving.

how we kitchened it for 6 months

This is basically how we have been living for months. We got the appliances in and working so we could use them, but with minimal counter space (plywood), and old racks as cupboards. Can you say, DUSTY?!

Here's the same shot from earlier that Fall.

trailer kitchen

And with absolute humility, I dare show a photo of life in the trailer. That's me front and center in my husband's oversized flannel plaid pj set (trailers never get about about 50 degrees!). Yes, that was my kitchen for TWO YEARS. 

How's that for a before and after reveal?

We still are working on the island and the stools are temporary. But check it out!!! These are IKEA LAGAN countertops that Bryce fashioned together.

Not bad for an $80 investment!

This is the Kohler Langlade Smart Divide. The divider in the center is low so you can easily wash big pots and pans. I am never going back to full divide sinks!

Countertop photos coming soon!

Built-in high cabinets
Island hood

Built-in fridge and freezer

Mixer, lemon tree and a little color splash
From the dining room

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